Tax Planning

Tax planning for business or for individuals and families is an ongoing process to reduce the overall taxes owing by the business and ultimately by the owners and family. When setting up and running a business a team

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Tax Audits, Problems & Representation

A CRA audit is the start of the tax investigation and a Canadian taxpayer needs professional representation from the start. Never speak to CRA by yourself. Always have your Canadian tax lawyer deal with CRA on your behalf.

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Voluntary Disclosure

The voluntary disclosure program allows you to avoid prosecution or penalties for unreported income or offshore assets by having one of our Canadian tax amnesty lawyers approach CRA on your behalf before they approach you.

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Unpaid tax debt and CRA Seizures

If CRA has assessed you for income taxes or GST owing and you have not made acceptable (to CRA) payment arrangements, a CRA collections officer will commence enforcement action.

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Fight CRA

CRA can and does lien salary and seize assets and bank accounts without a court order. CRA can and does show up at your home and place of business. Our top Canadian tax lawyers will protect your rights and will fight for you.

Taxpayer Relief (Fairness Application)

In some limited circumstances CRA will eliminate or reduce interest or penalties that they have charged you. A taxpayer relief application (fairness application) can be submitted when circumstances out of your control resulted in penalties and interest owing to the Canadian tax department. Read more

Tax Court Appeals

Once a Notice of Confirmation from the Canada Revenue Agency confirming the audit assessment is received, the next level of disputing a tax assessment/reassessment is to have your Canadian Tax Litigation Lawyer file a Notice of Appeal with the Tax Court of Canada.

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Did you know that you can go to jail for tax crimes, including unfiled tax returns? If CRA has not approached you then you may qualify for the voluntary disclosure program.If CRA has started an investigation, or you been charged with a tax crime such as tax evasion or have received a summons (prosecution) for unfiled tax returns our experienced Canadian tax litigation lawyers can help you. Read more
Tax Shelters are generally investments that have as a main or secondary purpose the reduction of taxes, and are often challenged by CRA. The Canadian tax department has been warning about charity tax shelters for years, and has tried various approaches to shutting down the charity tax shelter industry.Read more
Taxpayers are often overwhelmed by a tax assessment or a Tax Statement of Account that shows a balance owing that is impossible to pay. One common reaction is to ignore it since you can’t afford to pay. Read more
Stock options are usually granted to employees to give them more motivation in helping with the success of the business. They are sometimes called golden handcuffs. The Income Tax Act encourages employee stock options by granting them favorable tax treatment. Read more

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Income Splitting Tax Planning – Window Closing On Low Rate Loans

The federal prescribed interest rate for income tax for the fourth quarter of 2013 will increase to 2%. As the rate is presently 1%, a tax planning opportunity exists provided all planning is in place prior to October 1,2013.If a higher income spouse lends funds to a lower-income spouse and charges the prescribed interest rate throughout the period in which the loan is outstanding
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Non-Profit Organizations

A not for profit organization is required to file an annual Canadian tax return. If the non-profit organization earned profit and made more than what the organization “reasonably needs” to operate, the organization will lose its tax- exempt status.
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CRA Targeting Middle Income Taxpayers

CRA (the Canadian Income Tax department) has recently focused on middle income Canadian taxpayers. CRA conducted cross-country pilot projects to help develop techniques for fighting the underground economy, auditing , for example waitresses in St. Catharines, Ont., “curbersiders,” unlicensed dealers who sell used vehicles for cash in Burnaby,
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RRSP Meltdown

The advantage of an RRSP is that amounts contributed are deductible from income and the profits earned in the RRSP portfolio are free of tax when earned. However the downside to these retirement savings plans is that all income that is withdrawn is fully taxable upon receipt.
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Stop International Tax Evasion Program

The 2013 Federal Budget has proposed the “Stop International Tax Evasion Program” (“SITEP”). SITEP allows informants to disclose information regarding tax evasion to CRA in exchange for payment.
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Tax Free Savings Account

CRA has announced that the annual Tax Free Savings Account (“TFSA”) contribution limit remains at $5,500 for 2015.
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Problems with the tax man require immediate response by one of our top Canadian income tax lawyers. The initial CRA contact will usually be either from an auditor or a tax collections officer. We will help you so that you can sleep at night. Taxpayers are often overwhelmed by a tax assessment or a Tax Statement of Account that shows a balance owing that is impossible to pay. One common reaction is to ignore it since you can’t afford to pay. Read more


A Canadian taxpayer’s income tax bracket and therefore the income tax liability depends on the absolute amount of the taxpayer’s income because the higher theincome the higher the income tax bracket and the percentage of income tax paid. Income splitting is a tax planning strategy whereby one taxpayer transfers a portion of his/her own income to another taxpayer who is taxed at a lower tax rate. There are various income splitting techniques that can be used.Read more

Tax Tips

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Deduction denied due to No Records

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July 2015
Requirement for CRA to Assess Tax Shelters with Due Dispatch Confirmed by Federal Court

In McNally v. Canada (National Revenue) (2015 FC 767), a case where CRA did...

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