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Tuesday's Tax Tidbits - Latest Income Tax Info December 30, 2014

CRA Collection Powers

CRA collection officers have the power to garnish wages, seize bank accounts of other assets and to lien real estate or other assets. They are able to exercise this power as soon as an assessment is issued and without having to obtain court authoriza....    Read More

Voluntary Disclosure:

Are you considering a voluntary disclosure (VDP or tax amnesty application) to the Canadian tax department for unflled Canadian income tax returns or undeclared income, but are feeling confused due to all of the conflicting information on the internet?
Are you afraid of a sinister “tax man” or “tax police” in dark glasses waiting to pounce on you and throw you in jail for tax evasion or not filing tax returns?
Nothing could be further from the truth. You CAN sleep at night, despite the fear mongering that you may have seen to the contrary.
The Canadian income taxation system is based on self-assessment. Taxpayers sometimes fail to report all income that they should, either through inadvertence or due to the extreme complexities of the Canadian tax system.
The purpose of the Canada tax amnesty program is to encourage Canadian taxpayers to voluntarily comply with their income tax obligations. Prosecution would be contrary to the goals of the VD program and contrary to the published guidelines (binding on CRA) that make it clear there will be no prosecution.

Benefits of Filing A Voluntary Disclosure Application

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